Yorkshire Regional Grades

Regional Grade 4

Aurora passed with commendation, placing 7th overall and 3rd on floor.

Molly passed working hard to achieve her backwardroll to handstand.

Anya passed with commendation placing 2nd on conditioning.


Regional Grade 3 and 2

Eleanor achieved Distinction, placing 2nd overall and 1st on vault, bars and beam.

Grace achieved Distinction, placing 5th overall and 1st on beam.

Lily passed working hard to achieve her personal goals.

Sydney passed with commendation placing 1st on beam and conditioning.

Bailey achieved Distinction, placing 3rd overall and 1st on floor.

Emily passed with commendation, working hard to overcome her recent ankle injury.


Regional Grade 1



Both girls achieved Distinction placing 1st and 2nd overall with top scores on beam and bars.


Thanks to

Sharon Parrett for judging 21hours over two days.

Mrs Nobbs for coaching and acting as floor manager for the whole event.

Emily Parrett for her excellent organisation and coaching making it possible for Wetherby to have gymnasts on 3 apparatus at the same time.

Grade 6 Yorkshire Championships

100% Distinction for Wetherby Girls!







Ellie 5th overall, 3rd on beam.                            Holly 13th overall, 2nd on vault.

Libby 7th overall, 5th on vault.                           Matilda 15th overall, 1st on vault.

Naomi 12th overall, 5th on floor.                       Emilia placed 18th overall.

Sophie 2nd overall, 1st on beam.                         Emily U 3rd overall, 1st on vault.

Angel 4th overall, 3rd on conditioning.              Charlotte 5th overall, 4th on bars.

Emily T 8th overall, 1st on bars.                           Evie – 11th overall, 4th on vault.










Many Thanks to Mrs Nobbs and Sharon Parrett for Judging.




High Green Invitational – December 2016

A good day for the girls. Competing for the first time with style and confidence.


Holly – 3rd Vault, 3rd Beam, 6th Overall

Naomi – 1st Beam, 5th Overall

Angel – 2nd Vault

Emily – 4th Beam, 7th Overall

Poppy – achieved her personal goals and was presented with gymnast of the Autumn Term.

Yorkshire Level 5 Team Championships

Team placed 3rd

Bailey – excellent competition now has qualified for level 4

Harriet – much practice at home to score well for the team, qualified for level 4

Eleanor – placed 18th, excellent job for the team

Sydney – had the courage to put a new skill to the test

Lily – 14th, new floor routine


Team placed 10th gained valuable experience

Ellie Nolan – 15th, no mistakes

Emily – first backwalkover on beam

Molly – front somi on floor, front somi beam dismount, first time vaulting over the table in competition

Aurora – first back somi and front somi on floor, first upstart, first backwalkover, scored 12 on beam

Mia – stepped in to support the team competing on vault and bars without error. excellent in the role of team captain