Level 5 Yorkshire Individual Championships

Age 10

Emilia competed at level 5 for the first time. Performing her first back somersault and front somersault on floor. First upstart on bars placing 10th on this piece and sticking her cartwheel on beam. Emilia placed 14th overall.

Libby B performed with style on all apparatus. Unfortunately she made a costly mistake with her toes on floor but massively stepped up on vault placing 8th on this piece. Libby B placed 12th overall.

Libby C performed 4 clean routines to place 3rd on vault, 3rd on beam sticking her flic with confidence, 5th on floor with her first handspring front somi. To place an excellent 4th overall.


Age 11

Charlotte performed all her routines without large error. Showing good progress on vault placing 5th with a “magic” landing. Performed her first handspring front somi on floor and danced with confidence. Placing 9th overall.

Sophie performed all her routines without a mistake. Performing her first lever to handstand beam mount in competition. Placed 10th on vault, 2nd on bars and 5th overall.


Thanks go to Nichola Wood, Sharon Parrett and Mrs Nobbs for judging, it was a very long hot day for all.


Level 6 Yorkshire Individual Championships – June 2018

Under 10

Martha competed for Wetherby for the first time. Sticking her forward roll and performing a very strong roundoff flic.

Lily-Mae performed all her routines without mistakes. Well done Lily-Mae.

Naomi performed all her routines without mistakes. Placing 11th overall and 8th on vault. Well done.

Katie performed all apparatus cleanly placing 5th overall, 4th bars, 7th floor and 10th on vault. Well done Katie

Ellie performed all apparatus cleanly placing 6th overall and 6th on beam.

Lulu unfortunately fell on her back walkover on beam which was an expensive mistake but performed well on the other pieces. Placing 14th overall.

Chloe let her nerves show and made mistakes on her squat on bars and arabesque on beam but performed an excellent vault to place 8th on this apparatus.

Mia unfortunately made mistakes on bars and beam but performed a strong roundoff flic on floor.


Under 9

Evie unfortunately made a costly mistake on her backward over on beam but performed well on the other apparatus placing 10th overall, 4th vault and 8th on bars.

Lucy struggled with her floor routine but did perform her first roundoff flic placing 12th overall and 9th on vault .


Under 11

Anna performed all her routines cleanly to placed 3rd on beam and 8th overall.

Under 12

Nicole competed for the first time placing 3rd overall and 3rd on floor.

Thanks go to Emily Parrett for assisting the coaching team, Sharon Parrett for judging and Mrs Nobbs for her coaching and behind the scenes work.


Rotherham Invitational June 2018

Level B – Under 8

These youngsters started the day off for Wetherby.

Lauren performed her first backwalkover on floor and handstand on beam.

Olivia performed a strong full spin on floor and placed 3rd on bars.


Under 8 and Under 10 Level A

It was Jess’s first competition.  She showed such improvement on bars performing circle up and back hip circle with ease.

Billie was also competing for the first time. Performing a handstand forward roll on floor with a handstand that seem to hold forever.

Martha was our youngest gymnast competing for Wetherby at her first competition. She placed 4th on floor and performed a super straight jump on the vault.

Imogen was also competing for the first time. She worked hard to learn all her routines. The coaches were very pleased with her vault and bars.

Evie at her first competition placed 1st on Vault, 4th bars, and 4th on floor. Well Done.

Romilly at her first competition placed 3rd on beam, 3rd on floor, and 4th overall. Brilliant.

Maisie had a super day to place 1st on beam, 3rd on bars, and 3rd overall. Super work.

Rosie at her first competition placed 3rd Vault, 2nd beam, 2nd floor and 2nd overall. WoW!


Level C – Under 11

Poppy was the last to compete for Wetherby and had a super day. Performing with confidence to place 3rd Bars, 1st Beam, 1st Floor and 3rd overall.

All that hard work paid off.

Performing for the first time cartwheel on beam, handspring on floor and squat on to catch the high bar.

Well done.


Thank you to coaches Nichola and Sharon for their hard work and preparing the gymnasts for competition.

Thank you to Mrs Nobbs for judging all day.

Club Grade Championships

Club Grade 6

Under 8 – Ella only joined Wetherby at Christmas and performed without large error to pass with commendation. Achieving distinction on Vault, Bars and Beam.

Under 9 – Lucy passed with distinction receiving the ribbon for 6th place overall. She achieved the highest score on conditioning for her age group.




Under 10:

Katie passed with distinction receiving the ribbon for 5th place overall.

Mia passed with distinction and performed with a smile and no mistakes.

Chloe passed with commendation with distinction on vault and conditioning.

Lulu – passed with commendation with distinction on Vault, Bars and Beam. Achieving the highest score on vault for her age group.

Lily-mae – passed with commendation with distinction on conditioning. Working hard to achieve her chin up circle up on the bars. Well done.

Under 11 – Anna passed with distinction receiving the ribbon for 4th place overall.


Club Grade 5

Under 9 – Evie passed with commendation with distinction on Vault, Floor and conditioning.






Under 10:


Naomi passed with commendation with distinction on vault, floor and conditioning. Placing 8th overall.

Ellie passed with commendation with distinction on vault, floor and conditioning. Placing 6th overall and receiving a ribbon.

Libby passed with commendation with distinction on vault, floor and conditioning. Placing 5th overall and receiving a ribbon.


Our thanks go to Mrs Nobbs as the personal coach to 10 of these gymnasts and for keeping the competition running smoothly.

Thank you also to Sharon and Nichola for the judging Marathon on the Saturday!


National & Regional Grades Championships

National Grade 4 – Matilda and Faith worked hard to pass with commendation. Matilda placed 6th on the Vault sticking her landing.

Regional Grade 2 – both gymnasts passed with commendation.Grace placed 4th on Bars and 6th on Floor. Narrowly missing an overall ribbon placing 7th overall. Eleanor placed 9th overall performing with courage and self belief after injuring her knee in training less than 48hours before the competition. Achieving a score of 13.1 on conditioning which no one was able to beat.

Regional Grade 4 Age 10

Emilia has made excellent progress to pass with commendation. Only a free roll stood between her and distinction. Performing her first somersault off the Beam and overcoming the table Vault.

Libby passed with distinction and achieved the bronze medal overall. Performing without any large errors. Placing 5th on Vault, 4th on Beam, 9th on conditioning. Rock Steady Libby!

Regional Grade 3

Molly has been very focused over the last few weeks of training. Mastering her triple flic on Floor and her back somersault off the Beam. Molly passed with commendation, an excellent personal achievement.

Regional Grade 4 Age 11

From the moment these 3 gymnasts lined up for the warm up they meant business. Warming up with complete focus, sharp and tight hitting the positions with pride.

Emily placed 1st overall winning the gold medal and title of Regional Grade 4 Yorkshire Champion. Placing 1st on Vault, 9th on Bars, 2nd on Beam, 7th on Floor, 2nd on Conditioning.

Sophie placed 3rd overall winning the bronze medal. Placing 3rd on Bars, 5th on Beam, 3rd on Floor, 7th on Conditioning.

Charlotte placed 5th overall winning the turquoise ribbon. Placing 1st on Bars, 7th on Beam, 3rd on Conditioning.














Regional Grade 1

Ellie had waited the whole weekend to compete and started on the beam, nerves got the better of her. With a disappointing start to her competition Ellie had a choice, to give up and be beaten or fight her way back.

Ellie showed such strength of character and belief in herself. Shoulders back, head up, I’m a Wetherby gymnast.

Ellie placed 6th on Bars, 10th on Floor, 3rd on conditioning. Achieving 7th placed overall, narrowly missing a ribbon position.

I would like to thank Sharon Parrett and Nichola Wood for judging 284 bar routines over 16 different competitions. Such dedication to our club and gymnastics.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Nobbs who once again went above and beyond in her role as competition manager. Taking care of 284 gymnasts, 70 judges, two lorries full of equipment, Milano, DE photos, GymData and goodness knows how many coaches and spectators.  Your amazing!

Yorkshire Level 6 Team Championships

The girls worked as a team, when one made a mistake the others step up.

Achieving the bronze medal.

Evie moved up an age group, performing a strong vault and placing 6th on beam.

Ellie performed with less worry and is starting to handle each competition with increasing confidence.

Naomi had been poorly for a few days and recovered to place 3rd on the beam

Katie performed at level 6 for the first time and placed 4th on the beam.

Emilia placed 7th on the vault and 2nd on the beam. Emilia made a small mistake on the floor that cost her dearly through no fault of her own.


Yorkshire Level 5 Team Championships

A day of mixed emotions.

The highs of competing new skills for the first time and the lows of unpredictable mistakes on basic skills.

As a result the team placed fifth overall.



Sophie placed 9th on beam and 10th on bars. Performing her split leap on beam, double spin and handspring front somersault on floor for the first time.

Emily placed 5th on vault with her first 1/2 on 1/2 off in competition and placing 9th on floor performing a handspring front somersault for the first time.

Charlotte placed 7th on vault and performed her 1/2 twist on floor for the first time.

Libby B stuck her beam despite being unnerved by a very unusual mishap on bars.

Libby C placed 6th on floor performing her 1/2 twist on floor for the first time and sticking her full spin on beam.