Regional Grades 2 and 1 Yorkshire Championships 2016


Matilda worked hard to get back from both a foot fracture and knee injury to place 3rd on Vault, 2nd on Bars, 3rd on Conditioning and passed with Commendation.

Faith’s performance was cool and calm to place 1st on Bars, 1st on Beam and achieving the Silver medal overall passing with Distinction.

Isabelle took the competition by storm, placing 1st on virtually all apparatus and achieving the Gold medal overall passing with Distinction.

Melissa worked hard to prepare for the grade despite the stress of GCSE’s to place 1st on conditioning and passed with Commendation.

Louise had a tough time on beam but she didn’t let this stop her, placing 1st on Vault, 1st on Floor and achieving the silver medal overall. Passing with Commendation.

Lauren took on the challenge of this grade to place 1st on Bars and achieve the bronze medal overall. Passing with Commendation.

Ricky had a fabulous day having watched her sister perform without error the day before she just followed in the family style. Placing 1st on Bars, 1st on Beam and achieving the Gold medal overall. Passing with Commendation.

National Grades Yorkshire Championships 2016


National Grade 1

Ellie got the weekend started with an almost perfect landing on her piked tsukahara, fighting hard to perform her bar routine without a major error, calm and precise on beam and charming on floor.

Ellie achieved 2nd on Vault, 1st on Beam and the Bronze medal overall. Ellie qualified to represent Yorkshire in the National Grades final later this month.


National Grade 2

Lee wrestled with a few demons in preparation for this competition. The hard work and determination certainly paid off, performing cleanly with beautiful style to place 2nd on Bars, 2nd on Conditioning , achieving 5th place overall.



National Grade 3

Megan passed her grade and wowed the judges with her outstanding power on vault, placing 1st on this apparatus.

Rachel performed with precision to pass her national grade with the almost impossible rating of Distinction. Placing 3rd on vault and 7th overall. Excellent result Rachel.




Regional Grades 4 and 3 Yorkshire Championships 2016



Eleanor performed with tension and care to place 2nd on Bars, 2nd on Beam, and Gold medal overall. Passing with Distinction.

Ellie worked hard for the grade and placed 8th overall and passed with Commendation.

Harriet achieved top 6 rankings on virtually all apparatus to pass her regional grade 4 with Distinction.imageFleur placed 4th on Conditioning displaying her excellent flexibility and passed with Commendation.

Bailey demonstrated her ability to perform and think under pressure, strutting her way to 4th place on Floor and passing with Distinction.

Lily placed 5th on Bars with beautiful straight arms and passed with Commendation.