Regional Grade 3 & 2, and National Grade 4, 3 & 2 Yorkshire Championships

What a busy, bubbly and brilliant weekend for Wetherby Gymnastics Club

Regional Grade 3

Martha performed with style and tension, showing the quality in her routines to potentially be in the top 10. Placing 6th on bars, sticking her routine to place 10th on beam, and 14th overall with lots of experience gained. Well done Martha you passed with commendation.

Lucy performed consistently on all the apparatus. Placing 6th on conditioning, sticking her beam routine and placing a pleasing 10th place overall and passed with commendation.

National Grade 4

Katie started her competition with nerves on beam but went on to perform the other apparatus with increasing confidence. Passing her first national grade with commendation. Well done Katie.

Emily also had a nervous start on beam but went on to show routines that had the potential to be the champion. Despite the errors the judges could see the quality. Placing 3rd on conditioning and 16th overall. So much progress made to pass with Distinction. Well done Emily.

Regional Grade 2

Libby had a difficult few sessions of preparation leading up to the grade with niggly ankle and hip worries but was able to push through and passed her grade with commendation. Well done Libby.

Evie performed well on all apparatus, working so hard over several months to fully prepare herself for the floor, placing 7th on beam, 3rd on conditioning. Passing with commendation and an excellent 13th place overall.

Lulu performed confidently on all apparatus, showing the quality in her routines to potentially be a medal contender. Placing 6th on bars, 6th on conditioning and achieving a 7th place ribbon overall. Passing with commendation, well done Lulu.

National Grade 3

Sophie’s ability to control her nerves under pressure and deliver her best performances on every apparatus is phenomenal. 1st on vault, 6th on bars, 8th on beam, 5th on floor, 5th on conditioning.

When she Landed her beam dismount, the sense of relief flooded over her as she shared a huge hug with Ellie, such a very special moment.

Sophie placed 5th overall qualifying for a place in the national final and to represent her region on the national stage.  Managing the stress of Mock GCSE exams, adjusting her vault run to factor in her rapidly increasing leg strength and leg length over weeks of training, overcoming her worries on bars, so many straddle jumps, roundoffs, reverse spins.  Sophie never failed to do the work needed every session to fully prepare. We are so proud of you Sophie.

National Grade 2

Ellie knew she was ready and would do her best to follow in Sophie’s footsteps. Placing 2nd on vault, 10th on bars, 1st on beam, 2nd on floor, 6th on conditioning. Landing her beam to be greeted by Sophie’s delighted hug! You did it too!

Ellie placed 2nd overall qualifying for a place in the national final and to represent her region on the national stage.

Managing the stress of A-level exams, learning your chemistry symbols in the stands of the arena,   Ellie never failed to do the work needed every session to fully prepare. I am so proud to be your coach, Ellie.


I would like to say thank you to Sharon for judging all weekend. To Mrs Nobbs for her coaching and support.

Wetherby had an amazing team of parents setting up the arena for the Yorkshire gymnasts. Thank you for your energy, muscles, and “can do” attitude. Mrs Nobbs and myself would also like to say a special thank you to:

Emma, James and Helen for their patience and logic when we were all so tired late Friday night setting up the Yorkshire photo backdrop.

To Louise and Nick for staying on Sunday to help dismantle the equipment in the arena when so few volunteers came forward.

To all 5 of the Ushers who simply went above and beyond this weekend, refusing to leave until they knew that there was nothing more that could be done to support myself and Mrs Nobbs with equipment.

It really was a brilliant team effort this weekend. Go team Wetherby!




Regional Grade 4 Championships 2022

The gymnasts were well prepared and excited to be taking part. Due to the pandemic, some of the girls had been waiting two years for this event!

Age 10 Category

Beth placed 5th on Vault, 4th on bars, 2nd on beam, 2nd on floor. Excellent results. Passing with commendation and receiving the silver medal overall. Such a learning experience, well done Beth.


Age 11 Category

Romilly placed 8th on bars, 10th on floor, 7th on conditioning. Passing with commendation and receiving the 9th place ribbon overall. Well done Romilly.

Alice placed 4th on bars, 3rd on beam, 2nd on floor, 5th on conditioning, passing with distinction in her first grade competition and receiving the bronze medal overall. Amazing Alice!

Maisie placed 3rd on vault, 5th on bars, 2nd on beam, 5th on floor, 4th on conditioning. A complete set of super results. Passing with distinction and receiving the silver medal overall. Awesome Maisie!


Age 12 Category

Evie placed  7th on vault, 2nd on bars, 9th on beam. Passing with commendation and receiving the 8th place ribbon overall. A result to be proud of Evie.


Age 13+

Anna placed 8th on bars, 7th on floor and 7th on conditioning. Good results on a grade with so many tricky skills. Well done Anna

Mia placed 7th on vault, 3rd on bars, Passing with commendation and receiving the 9th place ribbon overall. Great work Mia.


Thank you to Mrs Nobbs for all her advice, guidance and polish with the gymnasts.

Thank you to Sharon for her support and judging all weekend.






Club Grade 6 Regional Championships 2022

The first grades event for Yorkshire WA since the pandemic and the Wetherby Girls passed with ease.

Izzy’s first competition and a grade making it extra challenging. Izzy rose to the task performing confidently on all apparatus and without large errors. Passing grade 6 with commendation.

Imogen has been working hard over lots of weeks to meet the standard of the grade and fully deserves her badge and certificate for passing grade 6.

Madeleine place an excellent 10th on beam and performed consistently on all the pieces. Showing that hard work really does pay off to pass with commendation.

Sophie also placed an excellent 10th on beam,  achieving good scores on all apparatus to place 13th overall and passing with distinction. Well done Sophie.

Thank you to Nichola for guiding, supporting and encouraging these gymnasts all the way through the preparation stages and at the event itself.

Zinc Regional Championships 2021

What a weekend. The highs, the lows, the ice, the snow!!

It was Imogen’s very first competition. Weeks of preparation, learning routines, working hard every session. Just as her mum was putting the finishing touches to her hair style on the morning of the competition, they get a phone call to stay the competition is cancelled!!

Concord leisure centre is at the top of the hill and there is 6 inches of snow in Sheffield!!!
The disappointment! All that stretching, pointing and practicing.

By the afternoon the gritters and snow ploughs have been out and Beth’s competition goes ahead as planned.

Beth had a fantastic competition. Performing her first upstart to win silver on Bars, a big split leap and difficult dismount to place 6th on Beam. First roundoff flic and back somersault on Floor to place 5th. Flying through the air to win bronze on Vault. Beth you came an impressive 4th overall.

The next day Imogen is getting ready once again. Hair done, leotard and tracksuit on and this time she does get to perform at the competition. Taking all 4 apparatus in her stride, no falls. No big wobbles. She places 15th overall and an excellent 4th on beam. The coaching team are so so proud of the way Imogen handled her very first competition. Professional, focussed and delightful. We would like to present you with a special Wetherby medal.

Alice and Maisie are both on a mission as the snow starts to fall once again in Sheffield.

Starting on floor Maisie performs her first roundoff flic and high back somersault to win the silver medal on floor. Dynamic straight vaulting to place 4th on vault. Her first upstart and squat on in competition to place 6th on bars. A big split leap and difficult dismount to place 6th on beam.Excellent apparatus results to place an awesome 5th overall.

Alice performed a super change leg leap to place third on floor. Showed significant progress on vault to Place 6th. Performed her first upstart and squat on to place 5th on Bars. Strong and precise with a difficult dismount to take the bronze medal on beam. Alice you were an impressive 4th overall.

The snow keeps falling but that won’t stop Romilly, Madeleine and Sophie from competing.

Romilly was the first gymnast up on floor. Performing her first roundoff flic and front somersault, dancing with such individual charm to win the silver medal on floor. Strong and straight to place 5th on vault. Tight and a big cast to place 5th on bars. Held her nerve and managed her difficult dismount to place 8th on beam. Delivering on every apparatus to place a super 6th overall.

Madeleine placed 17th overall performing a difficult beam dismount with such confidence. Tight and precise to place an excellent 8th on floor. Well done Madeleine.

Sophie placed 13th overall performing her first roundoff flic, a lovely straight vault to score 11 on this piece. Sophie you believed in yourself to perform the difficult beam dismount. Well done Sophie.

What I haven’t told you yet is that Madeleine and Sophie ended up walking over a mile up hill, knee deep in snow just to get to the competition. How’s that for dedication! We would like to present you both with a special Wetherby medal for going above and beyond to represent our club.

It was an exhausting weekend but definitely one to remember. Mrs Nobbs, Sharon and Nichola thank you for everything you did to make this event the success it was.

British Disabilities Championships – Stoke

Emily was well prepared and held her focus throughout the event.

The apparatus warmup felt a bit topsy-turvy with 4 men joining the women’s vault warm up!

Unfazed Emily marched in and we all stood for the national anthem.

Starting on Bars Emily performed a strong bar routine to become British champion in her category on this apparatus.

Then back out of the arena to the warm up hall. A nervous wait for beam. Ample Time to become distracted and let you mind wander but Emily fought hard to stay calm.

Back into the arena to perform a secure beam routine with an upgraded dismount to become champion on this piece. Two down, two to go.

On to floor where Emily added a British title to her regional title.

Back out to the warm up hall with one piece to go. Despite the warm up Emily didn’t allow doubt to set in. Remaining positive and determined to become vault champion.

I am proud to announce that Emily is the Category A class 1 all around British disability champion.

Thank you to Sharon who helped in Emily’s preparation and Mrs N for her support.

The second regional competition of the year. Full of progress and confidence for the Wetherby Girls

Copper Level Age 11/12

Lucy performed a handspring front somersault and straight back somersault for the first time in her new floor routine. She was very steady on the beam with a good back walkover jump combination to place 6th on beam. Performing with straight arms and tension on bars she place 10th.

A very consistent clean competition for Lucy to place an excellent 8th overall. Well done.


Evie performed a well controlled sole circle on bars to place 9th on this piece. Unfortunately she had a nasty fall on beam, but even this didn’t break her composure. Despite the bruising, she took a breath climbed back on to finish without a wobble and an excellent cartwheel somersault dismount. On floor both her back somersault and front somersault were strong to place a determined 18th overall.

Zinc Level Age 13

Chloe performed a new floor routine with backwards and forwards somersaults to place 8th on this piece. On bars she showed her strong upstart and tight legs to achieve the fantastic bronze medal. Chloe was rock steady on beam sticking her cartwheel to place 8th. Achieving a brilliant 5th place overall. Well done Chloe.

Mia performed a strong upstart and a stuck landing to place an super 4th on bars. Displayed excellent grip on her backwardroll on beam to place 9th on this apparatus. Mia bounced her way through her new floor routine with front and back somersaults to place 10th overall. A result to be proud of.


Zinc Level Age 11

Isla started her competition with a very nervous beam routine but picked herself up to perform her very first somersault on floor and her first upstart in competition. Both are milestone skills, well done. Isla place 17th overall.

Evie last to compete for Wetherby had tough group to go round with. She made friends with a gymnast from Astre and they supported each other to perform at their best. Evie did her first upstart in competition and with tight legs placed 8th on bars. On beam she performed with style and stuck her cartwheel. On floor she was so neat and precise to place a super 4th on this piece. Achieving 7th place overall. We are very proud of you Evie.







Thank you to Mrs N for her excellent coaching and to Sharon for supporting us all at this event.

A weekend full of positivity, smiles and pride.

It was wonderful to be back in the regional competition arena after 18months!

Ellie opened the event competing first in the bronze category.

She made history for our club becoming the first Wetherby gymnast to perform a yurchenko over a vault in competition.
This vault is named after the Russian gymnast Natalia Yurchenko who was the first gymnast to roundoff on to the springboard and flic over the vault.

Ellie placed 6th on the vault and has inspired her fellow Wetherby gymnasts to follow her lead on this skill.

She went on to perform her first successful double twisting back somersault in competition placing an excellent 6th on floor and then displayed her courage under pressure performing her first somersault on beam. I am so proud of your 8th place ribbon Ellie well done.

The next day the senior gymnasts started the day off with a bang.

Emily Parrett achieved a silver medal on vault, 5th on bars and 6th on beam. She smiled her way through her floor routine. Performing high somersaults to become joint champion with Eleanor on this piece and achieving a super silver medal overall.

Eleanor has gained so much confidence and elegance during the last 18months. She placed an excellent 4th on the beam, and became joint floor Yorkshire champion. Awesome Eleanor!
Her consistency, precision and high quality skills lead her to a fantastic bronze medal overall.

The next round

Sophie also performed the difficult yurchenko vault to place 4th on this piece, steely determination on beam only needing a slight adjustment despite missing her foot on a split leap landing to place 10th, excellent amplitude of swing on bars to place 8th, twisted and somersaulted well on floor to place 6th. To achieve a 4th place ribbon overall. Well done Sophie. Performances to be proud of.

Emily Usher performed a strong 1/2 twist on vault to place 8th, confident backward twisting somersault to place 8th on floor, her first short clear in competition to place 10th on bars. A rock steady performance on beam to place 4th on this apparatus and a strong 9th place ribbon overall. Well Done Emily!

The last competition of the weekend

Martha performed a strong sole circle and 1/2 on vault. Competed a back walkover into a tuck somersault dismount off the beam for the first time. Well done Martha.

Lulu placed an excellent fifth on beam, 10th on vault and dared to Schuschunova on floor winning a brilliant bronze medal on this apparatus.

Libby or “Miss Consistency” this weekend. Such strong performances on all 4 apparatus. Placed 4th on beam with an excellent Russian lever and somersault dismount, 6th on the bars and 8th place ribbon overall.

Katie also performed the difficult yurchenko vault to become Yorkshire champion on this piece. Achieving the bronze medal on bars with her first short clear in competition. She danced, somersaulted and leapt to “get ready for this” to become Yorkshire champion on Floor. Placing 5th on beam with a confident and clean performance. As a result Katie’s total score over all 4 apparatus was simply unbeatable and she is the new Age 13 Yorkshire Champion.

It was a super weekend for our Club. I’m so proud of what we achieved together. I would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Nobbs for her excellent coaching and to Sharon for supporting us all weekend.

National Grade 4 Yorkshire Championships

Stepping up to national level.

Sophie placed 8th overall achieving a distinction. Placing 9th on bars and 7th on conditioning.

Grace placed 13th overall achieving a commendation. Placing 8th on vault and 10th on floor.

Libby placed 14th overall achieving a commendation. Placing 1st on vault and 10th on conditioning.

Eleanor placed 22nd overall achieving a commendation. Very proud of her bars at the end of an exhausting weekend.

Charlotte placed 25th overall achieving a commendation. Performing excellent vault landings and much improved casts on bars.


Thank you to Sharon for judging all weekend and thank you to Nichola for being my much needed wingman.

Regional Grade 3 Yorkshire Championships

Wow what a group of gymnasts!

Katie placed 3rd overall achieving a distinction. Placing 6th on vault, 5th on bars, 6th on beam and 10th on conditioning.

Lulu placed 6th overall achieving a distinction. Placing 4th on bars and 3rd on beam.

Emilia placed 7th overall achieving a distinction. Placing 5th on beam and 4th on conditioning.

Libby placed 10th overall achieving a distinction. Placing 3rd on beam and 8th on conditioning.

Evie placed 15th overall achieving a commendation. Placing 9th on conditioning.


Thank you to Sharon for judging all weekend and thank you to Nichola for being my much needed wingman.