Zinc Regional Championships 2021

What a weekend. The highs, the lows, the ice, the snow!!

It was Imogen’s very first competition. Weeks of preparation, learning routines, working hard every session. Just as her mum was putting the finishing touches to her hair style on the morning of the competition, they get a phone call to stay the competition is cancelled!!

Concord leisure centre is at the top of the hill and there is 6 inches of snow in Sheffield!!!
The disappointment! All that stretching, pointing and practicing.

By the afternoon the gritters and snow ploughs have been out and Beth’s competition goes ahead as planned.

Beth had a fantastic competition. Performing her first upstart to win silver on Bars, a big split leap and difficult dismount to place 6th on Beam. First roundoff flic and back somersault on Floor to place 5th. Flying through the air to win bronze on Vault. Beth you came an impressive 4th overall.

The next day Imogen is getting ready once again. Hair done, leotard and tracksuit on and this time she does get to perform at the competition. Taking all 4 apparatus in her stride, no falls. No big wobbles. She places 15th overall and an excellent 4th on beam. The coaching team are so so proud of the way Imogen handled her very first competition. Professional, focussed and delightful. We would like to present you with a special Wetherby medal.

Alice and Maisie are both on a mission as the snow starts to fall once again in Sheffield.

Starting on floor Maisie performs her first roundoff flic and high back somersault to win the silver medal on floor. Dynamic straight vaulting to place 4th on vault. Her first upstart and squat on in competition to place 6th on bars. A big split leap and difficult dismount to place 6th on beam.Excellent apparatus results to place an awesome 5th overall.

Alice performed a super change leg leap to place third on floor. Showed significant progress on vault to Place 6th. Performed her first upstart and squat on to place 5th on Bars. Strong and precise with a difficult dismount to take the bronze medal on beam. Alice you were an impressive 4th overall.

The snow keeps falling but that won’t stop Romilly, Madeleine and Sophie from competing.

Romilly was the first gymnast up on floor. Performing her first roundoff flic and front somersault, dancing with such individual charm to win the silver medal on floor. Strong and straight to place 5th on vault. Tight and a big cast to place 5th on bars. Held her nerve and managed her difficult dismount to place 8th on beam. Delivering on every apparatus to place a super 6th overall.

Madeleine placed 17th overall performing a difficult beam dismount with such confidence. Tight and precise to place an excellent 8th on floor. Well done Madeleine.

Sophie placed 13th overall performing her first roundoff flic, a lovely straight vault to score 11 on this piece. Sophie you believed in yourself to perform the difficult beam dismount. Well done Sophie.

What I haven’t told you yet is that Madeleine and Sophie ended up walking over a mile up hill, knee deep in snow just to get to the competition. How’s that for dedication! We would like to present you both with a special Wetherby medal for going above and beyond to represent our club.

It was an exhausting weekend but definitely one to remember. Mrs Nobbs, Sharon and Nichola thank you for everything you did to make this event the success it was.