Level 4 Yorkshire Individual Championships 2019

This was Libby’s first Yorkshire level 4 competition. She rose to the challenge in the 10/11 age group. Placing 13th overall, just a slip of the feet stood between her and the gold medal on floor, winning the bronze medal on vault.

Grace competed in the 12/13 age group. Performing a strong vault, excellent cast to handstand on bars, placing 9th on floor and 16th overall.

Ellie performed with guts on her first piece and then was quite simply a young lady on a mission. Winning the silver medal on vault, Silver medal on beam, bronze medal on floor and 6th place ribbon overall.

Girls you made Wetherby proud!


The Beginners will return, raring to go!

Tuesday the 10th September is the first beginners class of the Autumn term 2019.

I hope all the children had a great summer holiday, and practiced safely!!

For those joining us for their first session, expect an evening packed full of knowledge and fun!

If you want to be part of it, it’s not too late!

Just get in touch using the contacts page.

Level 7 Yorkshire Individual Championships – July 2019

Age 7

Beth won the 5th place ribbon overall in her very first competition.

Placing 8th on vault, 6th on bars and 4th on floor.




Age 8

Madeleine placed 6th on bars in her very first competition. 

Sophie performed with straight legs on vault and no extra swings on bars in her very first competition. 

Martha performed with good shapes on bars and pressed with her shoulders on vault.


Romilly placed 9th overall, 9th on Bars and won the silver medal on floor.

Alice won the 6th place ribbon overall, winning the bronze medal on floor in her very first competition.

Maisie won the 5th place ribbon overall, winning the bronze medal on vault and 5th place on the floor.


Age 9

Lola perform her straddle shoot and handspring vault in her very first competition.

Rosie performed with a faster run on vault and consistent bar routine.

Marcy was able to think under pressure and performed with a huge smile at her very first competition.

Olivia performed well on bars and her hard work on vault certainly paid off.

Savannah perform her targets on bars and handspring vault in her very first competition. 

Imogen performed with improved focus and controlled her nerves well.

Isla took her first competition very much in her stride. Achieving strong results to build on for the future.

Evie placed an excellent 5th on beam and 20th overall.

Juliette won the 4th place ribbon overall, she won the gold medal on vault and placed 6th on bars and 8th on beam.

Age 10

Amelia found it hard to learn the routines but got them right on the day in her very first competition. 

Billie performed well on every piece and has definitely smarten up.



Age 11

Jess won the bronze medal on bars and placed 10th overall.

Harriet placed 9th on bars, 7th on beam, 5th on floor and 7th overall.