Recreational Gymnastics

The Wetherby Gymnastics club recreational classes are held at Wetherby Townhall every Thursday night in term time.

All are welcome. Please contact via e-mail or telephone for a registration form. Regular taster sessions are offered in order to keep the waiting list down to a minimum.

The intention of the recreational class is to teach the foundation skills of gymnastics and provide an assessment opportunity. Depending on talent and suitability higher level classes will then be offered. 

The cost is £45 for half a term (6 sessions). The classes are run with a high coach to gymnast ratio typically 1 coach to 6 gymnasts. This ensures gymnast individual needs are met and creates a strong learning environment enjoyed by all.

This apparatus below is used to teach a basic squat on vault.


Below are the spring boards used by the gymnasts to develop height and power during take off!



Finally the floor matting for forward and backward rolls, cartwheels and handstands etc. You can just make out the low beam in the background.