Level 5 Yorkshire Individual Championships

Age 10

Emilia competed at level 5 for the first time. Performing her first back somersault and front somersault on floor. First upstart on bars placing 10th on this piece and sticking her cartwheel on beam. Emilia placed 14th overall.

Libby B performed with style on all apparatus. Unfortunately she made a costly mistake with her toes on floor but massively stepped up on vault placing 8th on this piece. Libby B placed 12th overall.

Libby C performed 4 clean routines to place 3rd on vault, 3rd on beam sticking her flic with confidence, 5th on floor with her first handspring front somi. To place an excellent 4th overall.


Age 11

Charlotte performed all her routines without large error. Showing good progress on vault placing 5th with a “magic” landing. Performed her first handspring front somi on floor and danced with confidence. Placing 9th overall.

Sophie performed all her routines without a mistake. Performing her first lever to handstand beam mount in competition. Placed 10th on vault, 2nd on bars and 5th overall.


Thanks go to Nichola Wood, Sharon Parrett and Mrs Nobbs for judging, it was a very long hot day for all.


Level 6 Yorkshire Individual Championships – June 2018

Under 10

Martha competed for Wetherby for the first time. Sticking her forward roll and performing a very strong roundoff flic.

Lily-Mae performed all her routines without mistakes. Well done Lily-Mae.

Naomi performed all her routines without mistakes. Placing 11th overall and 8th on vault. Well done.

Katie performed all apparatus cleanly placing 5th overall, 4th bars, 7th floor and 10th on vault. Well done Katie

Ellie performed all apparatus cleanly placing 6th overall and 6th on beam.

Lulu unfortunately fell on her back walkover on beam which was an expensive mistake but performed well on the other pieces. Placing 14th overall.

Chloe let her nerves show and made mistakes on her squat on bars and arabesque on beam but performed an excellent vault to place 8th on this apparatus.

Mia unfortunately made mistakes on bars and beam but performed a strong roundoff flic on floor.


Under 9

Evie unfortunately made a costly mistake on her backward over on beam but performed well on the other apparatus placing 10th overall, 4th vault and 8th on bars.

Lucy struggled with her floor routine but did perform her first roundoff flic placing 12th overall and 9th on vault .


Under 11

Anna performed all her routines cleanly to placed 3rd on beam and 8th overall.

Under 12

Nicole competed for the first time placing 3rd overall and 3rd on floor.

Thanks go to Emily Parrett for assisting the coaching team, Sharon Parrett for judging and Mrs Nobbs for her coaching and behind the scenes work.