Covid 19: Update from British Gymnastics

Update from British Gymnastics

With the changes announced this week we understand that there might be questions about when clubs would reopen. We are sharing the guidance from British Gymnastics received this week.

We felt that you would find it useful to be in the loop on the guidance and also to know that BG are actively working on a way forward for our sport.

Stay Safe


Dear Member Club,

Last night the UK Government outlined their conditional plan into the steps they will take to gradually lift the lockdown restrictions put in place to limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). We understand and acknowledge there will be minor differences across the home nations, however what is clear is there is no change for our sport, our clubs must remain closed at this time to keep our members and their families safe.

While we are all keen to get back to the sport we love, it is clear this is just one stage in a long journey. We’re working across sport, with the Government and with other national governing bodies to discuss the impact of the virus on the sports sector and to map out the support required when restrictions are lifted. There are some outdoor sports that can now get back into training, however that is not true for gymnastics. Gymnastics is an indoor coached sport, classes cannot be safely carried out outdoors and government social distancing restrictions mean that clubs should continue as they are now until new guidance becomes available.

We must be patient. Safety and safeguarding are paramount, and therefore, we encourage you to continue to stay in touch with members through video and British Gymnastics created or endorsed activity to keep gymnasts fit, healthy and engaged in the safety of their home.


Online Training Updated

It’s been good to hear how busy everyone is keeping with lots of conditioning going on. Zoom “get togethers” and lots of creative and safe training. There is a new activity to add to your conditioning, using stairs to get yourselves going. So make sure you check out the monday update.

Yorkshire Training Session – Yes – February 2019

We had an amazing time. They were smart, tidy, positive, hardworking and a smiling credit to the club. The work on attitude and tightness really shone through.

By far the youngest and smallest there, they held their own with the different warm up tasks from each club and proudly led the bridge section from the centre of the circle.

Floor was first and the inspiration of older gymnasts led to backwards rolls with virtually straight arms to their feet.
Walkover work was positive and they did their first (supported) handsprings, apparently anything is possible when you’re a Wetherby gymnast.

Conditioning next. The gymnasts showed how much their conditioning had improved since September. They joined the older girls on a run through of the grade 6 conditioning routine. Some elephant lift and Russian lever work followed by a rope climb, Beth just got higher and higher!

Onto vault, some flat backs standing on the table vault and then some separate work learning to fly on a handspring flat back rather than pootle over a ‘handstand flatback’

A well behaved and well deserved snack break was followed by some focussed work on hand turning on bars in back circle, with tips from other clubs leading to much improvement. Then some solid practice on our squat ons, not phased at all by strange equipment.

Final flourish on beam, our tinies tidy tight stance on beam and their jump drills had them setting the example for older girls to copy. Then some input from a fellow coach on their different but successful rolling technique led to all gymnasts succeeding in getting a forward roll to stick.

A cool down, smiley photos and it was home time.

GymZumba – 20th May

A fantastic and fun-filled Zumba class was enjoyed by gymnasts, parents & friends in May 2017.

Nearly 60 of us Salsa’d, Merengue’d and shuffled under the expert lead of Gym Mum & Zumba coach Jacqui Binner!

 A fantastic £300 was raised towards our ‘Leotard fund’. A great big thanks to Oterlie & Tracy for organising refreshments & of course to Jacqui for offering her expert tuition for free!