Competitive Gymnastics

Girls who join our competitive training scheme train regularly at Boston Spa Academy.

Facilities include


23m run up and Vault
20m Tumble Track and 15m Air Track
5 Beams + 4 Practice Beams
2 sets of A-Bars
7 Springboards
35+ Crash Mats



Each ability range has the opportunity to enter at least one individual and one team competition each year. The Yorkshire competitions are structured as follows:

Zinc             Copper             Bronze             Silver             Gold


National Development Plan (Grades)

The British grades development plan starts with club grades 6 and 5. At grade 4 the pathway splits to either regional or national grades 4 to 1. The national pathway can lead to a National final if the gymnast competes successfully and is selected to represent Yorkshire.

Gymnasts can only compete in one official grade event each year. Gymnasts on the regional grades pathway are expected to attend 3 training sessions. Gymnasts on the national grades pathway must attend a minimum of 4 training sessions per week.


Training Costs per Month

Two sessions a week      £58

Three sessions a week   £65

Four sessions a week     £70

Five sessions a week      £75


The Chimpions!

All gymnasts selected to represent Wetherby will be presented with a Chimpion on the training session after the event.