Sponsored bike ride

On the 1st of June Lily-mae and her family did a sponsored bike ride to Selby and back.

Cycling just over 33 miles in under 4 hours to raise money for our new leotards.

Thank you for using your significant pedal power to help the club. Well Done guys!


Yes to Yorkshire Training!

5th June 2017 – Astre Academy of Gymnastics

24 coaches, 47 gymnasts from across the region working together. Sharing knowledge, passion and inspiring one another to work hard, learn and achieve.

The Wetherby coaching team selected 6 gymnasts to attend.

They learnt new preps for upstarts, worked hard on ballet and conditioning and practiced their floor routines.


Thank you to Mrs N, Sharon and Emily for bringing their ideas to such a positive Yorkshire gathering.

8hours + 14 tills + 32 gymnasts = £1561

On Saturday May 27th thirty-two of our gymnasts and their families spent an amazing day at Morrisons supermarket in Wetherby

… eight & a half hours

….fourteen tills

…. hundreds of happy customer’s bags packed

… and an unbelievable final total raised of £1561.


A wonderful team spirit prevailed and too many compliments to mention on our wonderfully behaved, polite and hard working girls.
Morrisons thought we did such a fantastic job they have invited us back again and agreed to display our giant banner outside the store. This is a reflection of the character and behaviour of our gymnasts.


An enormous thanks to all who took part and supported us on a sunny Bank Holiday weekend, including the helpful & welcoming staff of Morrisons and, of course, not forgetting a huge thanks to the incredibly generous folks of Wetherby.
We also created a lot of interest in the Club and are looking forward to welcoming a number of girls for taster sessions on the beginners class.
Top quotes from the day
“The girls were brilliant… I could have just burst with pride!” … Gymnast mum
“Your team has been exceptional” … Morrisons representative’

Fun in Filey by Megan

On Saturday 19th of July, the whole club was invited to ‘Hit the beach’ and have fun in Filey.

We arranged to meet on the beach at 11, marking our spot by writing ‘Wetherby Gym’ in the sand. Over 50 from our club showed up, despite the grey clouds.

We were very lucky with the weather and had little rain (until 4:30, when it started to rain heavily causing the few remaining people to get soaked!). The grey clouds didn’t ruin our fun though and most of the gymnasts and siblings were in swimwear or shorts within the first hour!

Some people started work on a giant sand castle with a moat. Others decided to risk it and go in the sea, me being one! Knowing the water was going to be freezing a group of the older girls all ran in but it didn’t help that much, it was still ice cold. The younger girls soon joined in, even Isabeal the youngest gymnast, came in and the older girls helped when the big waves came.

Following the ice cold water was full blown sunshine. Some of my gym friends chose to take advantage of the sun to tan, others started to eat, either from the picnic they brought with them or from the cafe on the front. I chose to buy some chips and they were delicious, but I already knew this after stealing some of Louise’s who hit the beach despite her ankle pot!

It must be the temptation of eating someone else’s chips as Eva decided to pinch some of mine. It was after lunch that people started to go home, however some chose to stay and had another swim in sea, which wasn’t any warmer, as we could tell from Tilly’s blue lips.

When it got to 4pm  and only a few people remained we all started to pack up, well the parents did while the gymnasts played handball and handstands.

That’s when it really started to rain. When we realised it wasn’t going to stop any time soon me, my mum, Sydney, Nichola, Eva, Emily and Emily’s dad chose to take cover in the cafe and have warm drinks, apart from Sydney who decided to have a slushy, typical Sydney!

So apart from the little bit of rain, that didn’t spoil any fun, the trip to Filey was really fun and successful, definitely something I would like to do next year!


Written by Megan~One of Eva’s Divas