The club has a large gymnasium which holds the main apparatus needed for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics at all levels from beginner to national elite.

The club has two sets of uneven or asymmetrical bars. These can be configured in many ways to suit all sizes, ages and gymnast ability.



8 balance beams ranging from competition height to floor level which when combined with softer matting allows gymnasts to progress new skills confidently and with a strong sense of achievement.


20m Tumble track which matches the bounce and feel of a FIG competition floor area so that somersault landings can be perfected. 15m Professional level Air Track perfect for gaining confidence when learning new somersaults.


Separate Vault run up and landing area which can be adapted from competition specification to a more forgiving surface. This enables the girls to perform the hundreds of repetitions required to achieve a somersault vault but without the risk of overuse injuries.


The girls learn to somersault, twist backwards and forwards and double somersault using this invaluable trampette setup.


Finally a dedicated conditioning room is available for the all important strength and stability work.



Wall bars in the conditioning room, this is where the Christmas challenge unfolds!