Club Grade 5 Yorkshire Championships

6 gymnasts did a fine job representing Wetherby.

Age 10

Lucy passed with distinction placing 7th overall, 7th on Bars and 5th on Floor. A good clean competition, well done Lucy.


Age 11+

Anna passed with distinction placing 6th overall, 5th on beam and 2nd on conditioning.

Martha passed with commendation placing 17th overall and 7th on conditioning.

Chloe passed with commendation placing 18th overall. Performing her first beam routine without a fall in competition.

Mia passed with commendation placing 21st overall, 3rd on beam and performing the best she can on all apparatus.

Emily passed with commendation placing 23rd overall. Scoring a huge 12.7 on vault. Performing with quiet confidence throughout the competition.


Thanks go to Nichola and Mrs Nobbs for their coaching, both in preparing the gymnasts and at the event.

Club Grade 6 Yorkshire Championships

8 gymnasts represented Wetherby. All performed with confidence and did the best they could.

Well Done Girls!


Age 8

This was the biggest competition of the weekend with 82 gymnasts age 8 taking part.

Maisie passed with distinction placing 12th overall and 6th on beam.

Romilly passed with distinction placing 17th overall.

Age 9

Juliette passed with distinction placing 14th overall and 9th on conditioning.

Evie passed with commendation missing distinction by a tiny 0.017, placing 23rd overall.

Rosie passed with commendation placing 31st overall.

Imogen passed with commendation placing 35th overall.


Age 11+

Poppy passed with distinction placing 4th overall achieving the pink Yorkshire ribbon and 3rd on conditioning.

Jess passed with commendation placing 9th overall and 4th on conditioning.


Thanks go to Nichola for her coaching both in preparing the gymnasts and at the event.

Level 7 Yorkshire Team Championships

The tiny team performed with confidence beyond their years.

Even taking an error in the presentation in their stride. Travelling home knowing they had done a good job and proud of 4th.

To discover a few days later the team actually placed 3rd!!!

Bronze medals and beaming smiles all round.

Juliette placed 12th overall and 5th on Vault.

Ella Placed 14th overall and 6th on vault.

Maisie placed 8th on bars.

Romilly placed 6th on floor.

Rosie performed in her first Yorkshire competition and stepped up for the team on Beam. Ensuring the bronze medal eventually found it’s way to team Wetherby.

Thanks to Sharon Parrett for judging and Mrs Nobbs for coaching and floor management.


Level 4 Yorkshire Team Championships

Wow what an afternoon, the Highs, the Lows, the Team Spirit!

Starting the competition on beam is always a challenge and the girls were positive and determined in their approach. Unfortunately Matilda missed her foot on a roundoff somersault dismount in the warm up and suffered a painful injury.

The competition had to go on and Matilda was determined to perform for the team. The girls showed their strong team spirt, sharing and supporting every moment. Matilda bravely battled through her beam routine, performing an excellent flic on what was later found to be a fractured knuckle.

Moving to floor the coaches decided to withdraw Matilda from the competition and send her off for x-rays. She wouldn’t leave without cheering her team through all of their tumbles first.

The team was down to 4 gymnasts, with every routine counting the girls fought hard on Vault and Bars to conclude the competition in sixth place.

Grace performed the beam routine of her life, performing her acro series and completing the routine without wobble to place a fantastic 3rd on beam and sixth overall.

Eleanor prepared well leading up the competition. Performing a much improved vault and bar routine for the team when it was needed most.

Ellie performed a huge vault to place 3rd on this apparatus. Rocking the floor with clean tumbling and difficult leaps to place 3rd on floor.

Emily stepped up for the team. Performing her first front somersault into roundoff on the floor and sticking her beam routine with a new difficult mount.


Thanks go to Nichola Wood for judging and Mrs Nobbs for floor management.

Rotherham Invitational November 2018

Level A Under 8 and Under 10

Martha at 6 years old one of the youngest in the competition, placed 6th beam, 9th on the floor. 10th Overall. A good competition.

Imogen showed improved focus and maturity to achieve the silver medal on bars, 7th on beam and a strong 5th overall.

Evie had a super day to achieve the silver medal on the vault, gold on the bars, silver on the floor, 5th on the beam and gold overall.

Katie was so confident and professional in her first competition. Placing an excellent 5th on the bars, 4th on the beam and 5th overall.

Billie did the best she could having been really quite poorly leading up to the competition. Placing 6th on the bars and 6th on the beam.

Jess performed with confidence and tension. Placing 5th on the vault, gold on the bars, 5th on the beam, gold on the floor and silver overall.



Level C Under 10 and Level D – Under 10

Mia pulled herself together after her vault to be the top Wetherby girl on bars, 6th on the beam sticking her cartwheel and placing 11th overall.

Lucy placed 6th on the vault, performed a strong handspring on the floor and placed 10th overall.

India performed a much improved vault to placed 11th, a strong handspring on the floor to place 9th and 13th overall.

Chloe placed 8th on the vault, performed her squat on on the bars, 6th on the floor, to place 8th overall.

Martha was the only gymnast from her training group to perform all her routines without a fall. Placing 10th on vault, 9th on bars, silver medal on beam, 11th on floor and 7th overall.

Emilia had a super competition. She was precise, focussed, confident and step perfect. She performed a much improved vault to place 7th, 10th on bars, 9th on beam, an excellent 5th on floor. To place 10th overall


Level C – Under 12

Anna performed her vault with straight legs to stand to place 6th on this piece. She moved to bars and performed a good routine, she then  placed 5th on floor and placed 9th overall.


Thank you to Sharon and Mrs Nobbs for judging and Nichola for coaching.



English Bronze & Silver Championships

Nearly all the gymnasts found this prestigious event quite overwhelming and nerves really effected some of the performances.

Bronze Junior and Intermediate

Libby had 68 gymnasts in her competition and despite uncharacteristic nerves on bars and beam placed in the top half on vault and floor.

Sophie placed 12th on the vault, 18th on bars, 16th on beam with a reduced routine and a commendable 16th overall.

Charlotte was calm, determined and precise throughout the competition keeping complete control of her nerves. Placing 12th on the vault, 6th on the bars, 6th on the beam and an excellent and well deserved 8th overall.


The silver intermediates found the competition very difficult allowing nerves to attack their self confidence.

Eleanor did manage to stick her beam routine.

Grace performed much improved giants and her first full twist on floor.

Bailey performed both vault and bars to plan.


The silver seniors were the last competition of the weekend and having watched there training mates struggle were determined to battle the nerves and adrenaline.

Faith stuck her beam routine complete with acro series to place an excellent 6th on this apparatus. She placed 9th on bars and a strong and positive 9th overall.

Matilda battled her response to adrenaline for the first two pieces causing her much frustration. But on the third piece she quite literally flew. Performing the highest tuck tsukahara of the whole weekend and it was her very first in competition! She placed 4th on vault and if there hadn’t have been a joint second place she would have taken home the bronze medal.

Ellie showed that experience really does matter. She delivered excellent performances placing 6th on the vault, 5th on the bars, 12th on the beam, 7th on the floor to place a very proud 5th overall.


Thank you to Mrs Nobbs for judging both days at this event.



Level 5 Yorkshire Team Championships

With 21 teams competing in this age category the coaches aimed for a top ten finish.

In true Wetherby style the girls performed with determination and placed a very proud 5th. Receiving a well deserved turquoise ribbon.

Libby C placed 10th overall as a junior in the senior age category. Performing the hard fought upstart squat on successfully. Achieving 2nd on beam and an excellent floor score.

Libby B also competed as a junior in the senior team performing her first handspring front somersault in competition.

Charlotte performed her first back flic on the beam in competition, performing it with excellent technique and text book landing.

Emily performed her new floor routine and contributed to the team spirit and belief.

Sophie placed 14th overall. Following a potentially hazardous warm up on bars she held it together to place 7th on bars and an excellent 3rd on beam.


Thank you to Nichola, Sharon and Mrs Nobbs for judging all day.



Level 6 Yorkshire Team Championships

The team placed a fantastic 2nd out of 16 teams. Receiving the silver medal with pride.

Naomi placed 1st overall. The highest scoring gymnast of the whole competition. Awesome! Achieving 2nd on the beam and 2nd on floor.

Evie placed 12th overall. Producing strong confident performances on all apparatus for the team. Sticking her backwalkover on the beam to place an excellent 8th on the beam.

Katie placed 14th overall with 3 strong performances but carried a fall deduction on beam.

Lulu placed 16th overall with 3 solid performances but also carried a fall deduction on beam.

Ellie performed well on 3 pieces but also carried a fall deduction on the beam and a missed connection.

Despite disappointing beam performances from 3 of the team members. The girls proved that strength in depth can achieve a podium finish.

Thanks go to Mrs Nobbs and Sharon Parrett for judging all day.

Level 7 Individual Yorkshire Championships

A long day for all but so much experience gained.

Romilly competed in the 2011 category performing in her first Yorkshire competition. Romilly loved competing so much she performed an extra back hip circle on bars and additional forward roll on floor. Gaining a huge amount of experience from the event.

Maisie also competed in the 2011 category performing in her first Yorkshire competition without mistake. Placing a wonderful 4th placed overall and receiving the pink ribbon. Placing 4th on vault and 7th on beam.

India competed in the 2009 category performing in her first Yorkshire competition without mistake. Placing 11th overall, 5th on the bars and 7th on the beam.

Ella competed in the 2010 category performing without error. Placing 19th overall.

Juliette competed in the 2010 category performing in her first Yorkshire competition without mistake. Placing 7th overall, champion on bars and 5th on the floor.

Harriet competed in the 2008 category performing without error placing 19th overall.

Poppy competed in the 2007 category performing without error placing 10th overall, 5th bars, 5th on beam, and 6th floor. An excellent mornings work.


Thank you to Nichola and Sharon for judging and Mrs Nobbs for keeping the competition running so smoothly.









Level 5 Yorkshire Individual Championships

Age 10

Emilia competed at level 5 for the first time. Performing her first back somersault and front somersault on floor. First upstart on bars placing 10th on this piece and sticking her cartwheel on beam. Emilia placed 14th overall.

Libby B performed with style on all apparatus. Unfortunately she made a costly mistake with her toes on floor but massively stepped up on vault placing 8th on this piece. Libby B placed 12th overall.

Libby C performed 4 clean routines to place 3rd on vault, 3rd on beam sticking her flic with confidence, 5th on floor with her first handspring front somi. To place an excellent 4th overall.


Age 11

Charlotte performed all her routines without large error. Showing good progress on vault placing 5th with a “magic” landing. Performed her first handspring front somi on floor and danced with confidence. Placing 9th overall.

Sophie performed all her routines without a mistake. Performing her first lever to handstand beam mount in competition. Placed 10th on vault, 2nd on bars and 5th overall.


Thanks go to Nichola Wood, Sharon Parrett and Mrs Nobbs for judging, it was a very long hot day for all.