Level 6 Yorkshire Team Championships

The team placed a fantastic 2nd out of 16 teams. Receiving the silver medal with pride.

Naomi placed 1st overall. The highest scoring gymnast of the whole competition. Awesome! Achieving 2nd on the beam and 2nd on floor.

Evie placed 12th overall. Producing strong confident performances on all apparatus for the team. Sticking her backwalkover on the beam to place an excellent 8th on the beam.

Katie placed 14th overall with 3 strong performances but carried a fall deduction on beam.

Lulu placed 16th overall with 3 solid performances but also carried a fall deduction on beam.

Ellie performed well on 3 pieces but also carried a fall deduction on the beam and a missed connection.

Despite disappointing beam performances from 3 of the team members. The girls proved that strength in depth can achieve a podium finish.

Thanks go to Mrs Nobbs and Sharon Parrett for judging all day.