Regional Grades 3 & 1 Yorkshire Championships

Teamwork was the order of the weekend and Wetherby gymnasts, coaches and parents delivered.

For wonderful reasons we were down one of our usual coaching team members, and not any old coach but our head coach.

Wetherby gymnasts rose to the occasion.

First round, Charlotte, Sophie, Libby C and Emily in Regional 3, Grace and Eleanor in Regional 1. Coaches needed only to supervise, without being asked Grace and Eleanor led a team warm up on floor. Then line up and pieces, all gymnasts stepping up and showing that this was their competition. Supporting their own club, supporting others, ready to move round, ready to meet the judges, ready to perform.

Solid floors in hand with 2 top 10 places (Grace – 9th, Libby C – 10th,) the 6 gymnasts headed off to Range.

All the hard work paid off. Fantastic range scores including two 1sts (Sophie & Libby C,) two 3rds (Emily & Eleanor) and 7th (Grace) as well as excellent feedback on our held handstands.

Vault was next and vault they all did, delivering what they deliver in the gym plus the extra competition polish with Libby C coming 5th on vault with a super 13.067.

The four juniors nailed their bars, with Charlotte delivering a whopping 12.733 to come 5th on this piece.

Grace performed a very solid consistent routine and secured a resounding 11.300. Both Eleanor and Grace performed their first sole circles in competition.

Eleanor unfortunately had a nasty fall on bars. She picked herself up, got back on to finish the routine and still score 10.333. Beam was uplifting. Eleanor, still a bit shaky from bars took a fall, but was determined and focussed and tried not to give the judges opportunity to take any more points. Grace went clean and delivered a secure 6th place on this piece. Charlotte delivered a 7th place, Sophie an 8th and Emily a 9th. The Wetherby girls meant business on beam and it showed with the extra work in the gym converting into points at the competition.

A fantastic attitude from the gymnasts made the coaches job a doddle and secured 3 distinctions (averaging 12 per piece) and 2 commendations (averaging 11 per piece).