English Bronze & Silver Championships

Nearly all the gymnasts found this prestigious event quite overwhelming and nerves really effected some of the performances.

Bronze Junior and Intermediate

Libby had 68 gymnasts in her competition and despite uncharacteristic nerves on bars and beam placed in the top half on vault and floor.

Sophie placed 12th on the vault, 18th on bars, 16th on beam with a reduced routine and a commendable 16th overall.

Charlotte was calm, determined and precise throughout the competition keeping complete control of her nerves. Placing 12th on the vault, 6th on the bars, 6th on the beam and an excellent and well deserved 8th overall.


The silver intermediates found the competition very difficult allowing nerves to attack their self confidence.

Eleanor did manage to stick her beam routine.

Grace performed much improved giants and her first full twist on floor.

Bailey performed both vault and bars to plan.


The silver seniors were the last competition of the weekend and having watched there training mates struggle were determined to battle the nerves and adrenaline.

Faith stuck her beam routine complete with acro series to place an excellent 6th on this apparatus. She placed 9th on bars and a strong and positive 9th overall.

Matilda battled her response to adrenaline for the first two pieces causing her much frustration. But on the third piece she quite literally flew. Performing the highest tuck tsukahara of the whole weekend and it was her very first in competition! She placed 4th on vault and if there hadn’t have been a joint second place she would have taken home the bronze medal.

Ellie showed that experience really does matter. She delivered excellent performances placing 6th on the vault, 5th on the bars, 12th on the beam, 7th on the floor to place a very proud 5th overall.


Thank you to Mrs Nobbs for judging both days at this event.