Rotherham Invitational November 2018

Level A Under 8 and Under 10

Martha at 6 years old one of the youngest in the competition, placed 6th beam, 9th on the floor. 10th Overall. A good competition.

Imogen showed improved focus and maturity to achieve the silver medal on bars, 7th on beam and a strong 5th overall.

Evie had a super day to achieve the silver medal on the vault, gold on the bars, silver on the floor, 5th on the beam and gold overall.

Katie was so confident and professional in her first competition. Placing an excellent 5th on the bars, 4th on the beam and 5th overall.

Billie did the best she could having been really quite poorly leading up to the competition. Placing 6th on the bars and 6th on the beam.

Jess performed with confidence and tension. Placing 5th on the vault, gold on the bars, 5th on the beam, gold on the floor and silver overall.



Level C Under 10 andĀ Level D – Under 10

Mia pulled herself together after her vault to be the top Wetherby girl on bars, 6th on the beam sticking her cartwheel and placing 11th overall.

Lucy placed 6th on the vault, performed a strong handspring on the floor and placed 10th overall.

India performed a much improved vault to placed 11th, a strong handspring on the floor to place 9th and 13th overall.

Chloe placed 8th on the vault, performed her squat on on the bars, 6th on the floor, to place 8th overall.

Martha was the only gymnast from her training group to perform all her routines without a fall. Placing 10th on vault, 9th on bars, silver medal on beam, 11th on floor and 7th overall.

Emilia had a super competition. She was precise, focussed, confident and step perfect. She performed a much improved vault to place 7th, 10th on bars, 9th on beam, an excellent 5th on floor. To place 10th overall


Level C – Under 12

Anna performed her vault with straight legs to stand to place 6th on this piece. She moved to bars and performed a good routine, she thenĀ  placed 5th on floor and placed 9th overall.


Thank you to Sharon and Mrs Nobbs for judging and Nichola for coaching.