Level 3 Yorkshire Team Championships

Team spirit was strong and the team placed 4th unfortunately counting 4 falls.

The team had sufficient skills to get close to the silver medal.

Grace performed a huge full twist on floor and performed her half on full twist vault for the first time.

Bailey gave the double twist on floor her best shot. She conquered her demons on bars performing both giants and a close bar element without falling or extra swing. So much progressed made on this piece.

Faith performed a high and straight full twist on floor and was outstanding on bars performing the best level 3 bar routine of the day. The only gymnast to perform a flight element between the bars and two C graded close bar elements. Super bars.

Matilda performed her very first double twist in competition. With a strong bar routine, super high tsuki that landed without moving her feet and sticking her beam.  A wonderful competition. Well done.

Thank you to Nichola for being my wing man all week end. You made such a difference to the team and was a huge support to me.

Thank you to Sharon for judging and thank you to mrs nobbs for such a smooth running of events.