Level 4 Yorkshire Team Championships

The team placed 9th unfortunately counting 3 falls. They had the potential to place 6th.

The team put new skills to the test and gained so much experience.

Eleanor performed such strong tumbles, high leaps and elegance on the dance. All the coaches were so proud of your floor routine. Well done.

Charlotte gained more experience at level 4. Performing her giants, flic on beam, full twist on floor and her first change leg leap on the beam. All building for the future.

Libby attempted an a acrobatic series on the beam for the first time and performed an excellent change leg leap. Competing her first full twist on floor and gain more experience on vault performing a half on full twist off.

Emily performed her giants for the first time even getting the bonus for her cast to handstand. Sticking her new side split jump and lever to handstand mount on beam.  She was confident and reliable on vault performing her first half on full twist vault. 

Sophie went first up on beam. Performing her first acrobatic series on beam and sticking it along with an excellent side split jump. She performed her first full twist on floor. Well done Sophie.

Thank you to Nichola for being my wing man all week end. You made such a difference to the team and was a huge support to me.

Thank you to Sharon for judging and thank you to Mrs Nobbs for such a smooth running of events.