Level 5 Yorkshire Team Championships

The team placed 5th with all the team members sticking like glue to the beam.

Amazing girls, Well Done!

Martha competed for the first time at level 5. Performing her first back and front somersaults in competition both on floor and off the beam. She performed her sole circle and ½ on ½ off vault. So much progress made.

Emilia set the trend for the team on beam going up first. Performing with confidence and precision sticking it all with barely a wobble. She performed a strong handspring front somi on the floor and has made so much progress on the vault.

Katie performed her sole circle routine on bars for the first time and her tumbling on floor was so strong the rules just couldn’t cope. Well done Katie

Lulu – despite a lot of worry over her beam dismount she held her focus and refused to be rushed achieving an excellent score on beam. She performed her first sole circle on bars with ease.

Libby performed her sole circle for the first time in competition. She bounced her way through her new front somi walkout on floor holding her nerve and adapting her choreography. So much progress made.


Thank you to Nichola for being my wing man all week end. You made such a difference to the team and was a huge support to me.

Thank you to Mrs Nobbs for such a smooth running of events.